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Flashback Friday: The First Days

Some journal entries from the first few days on the PURE products.

April 12, 2019 Friday

I signed up last night with a company called PURE and I wanted to write a “before” testimony while it still is before. I really don’t know if their products are going to work for me, so this is a complete step of faith.

My story spans 22+ years of chronic Lyme Disease, but I will keep this as brief as possible. We started in the mainstream medicine world, then moved to alternative treatments. You name it, we have done it. A few things saved my life along the way, but none ever improved my quality of life for very long and as of right now, I’m worse than ever.

I am largely reliant on a wheelchair because of severe knee joint pain. I have widespread pain and inflammation. I don’t sleep without supplements and even when I do, restless leg syndrome interrupts my night. Hot flashes, brain fog, blurry vision, insomnia, restless legs, skin breakouts, rashes, migraines, joint pain, muscle pain, edema, left arm barely works… have I forgotten anything? Probably.

My order went in today and I am hoping desperately that it gets here soon, because this is one of my worst days ever. I’m so very weak and everything hurts at such high levels of pain. Even my voice is weak.

I actually spent the next two days panicking that I had wasted our money.

April 13, 2019 Saturday

My order arrived today around noon. After spending some time exploring all the products, I drank one ENERGY packet in 8 oz. of water. Definitely felt a difference, but my knees are in such pain that I can’t walk.

Took a few other supplements at supper-time – GoYin, Organic Sulfur, Daily Build, and Mangosteen. We were in a city about an hour from home. We ate at a restaurant and then headed home. We live so far out in the country that for 45 minutes, there is no public restroom available on the drive home. That doesn’t normally pose a problem, but tonight it did. My plumbing needed emptying! So that’s the first sign that these products are having an effect. (Sorry if that’s tmi!)

April 14, 2019 Sunday

After talking to Mike & Kathy yesterday, we decided to hold off on the detox products right now, and just try to build my body up with nutrition. This morning I took the GoYin, sulfur, and probiotics before breakfast. I had oatmeal for breakfast with Mila, Daily Build, ENERGY, Greens, and all four super fruits.

I got on the scale and weighed so I would have a starting point. 302.6 I’m sure you gasped at that large number, but it’s important to note that I have lost 23 lbs. since October 2018 as a result of working with Gary at Advanced Cell Training. That’s another avenue for healing that I highly recommend, but not the focus of this report.

Sunday afternoon – I think it’s safe to say this stuff is working! I have high energy and lower pain levels. I’m getting housework done for the first time in a year or more. I’m having trouble slowing myself down! My husband came in and saw me standing up, folding laundry, and said, “What is happening?!” I am concerned that it will leave me hurting and out of commission for several days. This has happened before. If it doesn’t, then I’ll know for sure how different this is.

Monday, April 15, 2019

I woke up this morning in pain and thought I’d be paying dearly for yesterday’s activity. I took an ounce of GoYin and started drinking the sulfur in warm water. About halfway through it, the pain just melted away and I am as active today as I was yesterday. This stuff is amazing!! I can’t thank the Lord enough for this life-changing company!

May 10, 2019

I’m noticing that I have more stamina. Yesterday I walked to the mailbox and didn’t start struggling until I was halfway back. (We have a large yard and it's quite a distance to the mailbox.) Then I went to town, walked in and out of the library twice, and later carried Yance (my 2yo grandson) around without effort.

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