I love this one! When we're generous, it provokes a positive emotion within us. You can be generous with more than just money. Be generous with your time. Be generous with your smile to strangers you meet. If you feel like you need more, give more.

Ray Higdon, of Rank Makers, has started a movement called #wealthwednesday. The instructions are to do a random act of kindness involving a financial exchange with a stranger. It may or may not be anonymous. I have seen so many creative ideas. People are doing things like sending pizza to the local firehouse or police station at lunch time; doubling their bill for the tip at a restaurant; paying for the car behind them in line at the drive-thru. If you don't have much money, give anyway! It changes your vibration and makes you feel better about your own circumstances. Slip a few dollars into a diaper box, or under the lid of a baby formula can; leave a quarter in the Aldi shopping cart; drop a dollar in a donation box.

Try it for yourself and see if generosity is not returned to you multiple times over!



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