• Kyria

Law #2 - The Law of the Mind

The way your mind thinks determines what you will have in life.

This book started me on a massive transformation of my mind. I highly recommend you read it and internalize its message. Another major influence that helped me grow and expand my mindset is Jim Rohn.

“For things to change, YOU have to change. For things to get better, YOU have to get better. For things to improve, YOU have to improve. When YOU grow, EVERYTHING in your life grows with you.” ~ Jim Rohn

One of the first things I learned and started putting into practice was, when faced with an obstacle, instead of saying, "I can't", say, "How can I?" It sets the mind to positive problem-solving instead of just shutting down the creative process.

As Dani Johnson says...

"The 2 Percenters go over and around a problem or dig a hole underneath a problem to make things happen, while 98 Percenters just shrink back, turn back, quit, and blame the economy or something else for their situation....

"The 2 Percenters are looking for one more reason to succeed, while the 98 Percenters are looking for one more excuse to quit."

Call to Action

Do you want to cross over from the 98% in poverty to the 2% that is financially free? Change your mindset.



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