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Law #3 - The Law of Value

If you increase your skill, you will increase your pay.

When Dani Johnson was a broke, homeless cocktail waitress, she applied the only thing she had left - skill. You can read her story in her book or hear it on her YouTube channel or podcast. It's pretty amazing.

“The marketplace pays for value. And the only thing that determines your value is your skill set.” ~ Dani Johnson

Your personality might get you through the door, but your value determines whether you will succeed - and the only thing that produces value is skills. You need three skill sets.

Professional Skills

What's the difference between a $10 haircut and an $80 haircut? The high-end salon has invested more money and time into gaining additional skills to give you a better experience, which is why they're able to charge a higher rate. We can all learn new skills, but you can't take advantage of that learning if you are busy making excuses and justifications for why you are where you are in life.

Ray Higdon advises that you always add value to anything you offer. Become more valuable to the people around you. The Messiah taught us that if we want to be great, we must learn to serve others. Notice He did not say that there was anything wrong with being great. If you are truly great, it means you have served a lot of people.

Call to Action: How can you become more valuable and add value to the lives of others?

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