Love Raises Your Vibration

Love is one I struggled with for a long time. Not that I didn't love, but I recognized my love was self-centered. I wanted to love more selflessly, but for the longest time I couldn't seem to change. Then I finally heard a teaching about the vine and the branches and it clicked. Love is not something WE produce. We simply stay plugged in to the Vine and the fruits of the Spirit, including love, is produced in us! What a relief.

Next time you read I Corinthians 13, rather than feeling convicted that you're not more loving, simply use it as an indicator to whether you've stayed plugged in to the Messiah. If you see that fruit in your life, you're in the right place! If not, don't spend your time trying to be more patient and kind, etc. The only thing you have to practice is abiding in the Vine.



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