• Kyria

Time to Catch Up

I have to apologize for going silent for so long. Life got really busy, but that's not why I haven't posted. I think it's because I get trapped in perfectionism and then I procrastinate until I can do something perfectly. But, since that's never going to happen, I need to discipline myself to just do what I need to do. Any action is better than no action at all!

So here's what I did in November.

We went on a cruise to the Bahamas! I got to check several things off my bucket list with that one trip. If you want to see more pics, you can find me on Facebook.

We made a quick stop in Micanopy, FL after that and visited the Honky Tonkin' Opry with Jayc Harold and his family. Rowdy got to sing a couple of songs to fill in for a no-show.

Just a few days after we got home, we went on the road again. First was a company-sponsored fishing trip for Rowdy in Seadrift, TX.

Then we packed a whole bunch of family visits into 3 days. The following week was Thanksgiving, so by the time we were done, we had eaten three Thanksgiving meals!

And here's my beautiful family, for whom I am ever so thankful!

Call to Action: Practice gratitude daily. That is all.



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