• Kyria


I absolutely love to travel and I haven't been able to do much of it in a really long time.

Orland Bound!

When we did travel, my husband had to work extra hard to take care of me and I was unable to get out and enjoy the new place we were in.

“To Travel is to Live” – Hans Christian Andersen

Since regaining my health in April, travel to all kinds of places has been on my bucket list. Starting a home-based business made me realize that I'm lacking in a certain skill set, so I started searching for some training. As a result, my first major trip of the year was to Orlando, FL to attend Dani Johnson's #FirstStepsToSuccess. I highly recommend her, by the way!

On the Right Track

Rowdy was unable to get off work and go with me, and he wasn't really convinced of the need anyway, so after much prayer and soul-searching, I decided to go by myself. Was I really physically able to do this? What about the cost? I really need to get some training in order to succeed in this business. Boy, am I glad I went!

My life was changed in April when my health was turned around. Then it was further changed six months later with this seminar. You'll be getting pieces of what I learned in future posts. Suffice to say, I'm on the right track here!

Trip #2

We thought I would get home in a state of collapse and Rowdy was worried that I only had two days to rest before leaving for our company convention. That was not the case! I did need to rest, but I was good to go for my second five-day trip in as many weeks. What a blessing! The convention was a wonderful time. I'll do a separate post about it, too.

Coming Soon!

November is going to be a busy travel month. We are going on a cruise for the first time ever! It's a short, 3-day cruise to Coco Cay and the Bahamas with a group from our company team. We're really looking forward to it!

Then the very next week we'll be going to south Texas for a fishing trip sponsored by my husband's work. I won't be fishing. I'll be hanging out with some family members. From there, we'll head north a little ways to the Texas Hill Country to see more family and a friend who will be visiting from New Zealand! I was really worried about all that traveling before I went to Orlando. Now I know I can handle it as long as I don't run out of my PURE nutrition!

Call to Action

Do you have a bucket list? A list of dreams and goals? Have you taken any action toward making them a reality? Do something about it today! Start filling a jar or an envelope with any extra money you can come up with. Find creative ways to get that extra money! There are lots of FB groups that can help you with ideas. Cultivate a positive, can-do mindset and take action today!



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